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Your Darla Neon is a fancy fan tote made of the thickest PVC material combined with a sturdy canvas handle.

Its closure makes use of a magnetic button.

Big in size so stuff as you please! Perfect for daily errands and weekend trips.

Wash and brush your Darla Neon tote when needed and keep folded when stored.

Material: Thick PVC with premium canvas
Handle drop: 14.0cm
Dimensions: Length: 58.4cm x Height: 34.3cm  x Base: 14.0cm
Weight limit: 9.1kg


Vegan Leather Care

  • Vegan leather doesn’t require as much maintenance as animal based leather, but your vegan leather bag will have a longer lifespan if you follow these tips.

General Cleaning

  • To clean your vegan leather bag just use warm water, a soft cloth, and mild soap. Dilute the soap with water and dampen the cloth in this mixture before gently applying it to your bag. Take care that the cloth is damp but not soaking wet.
    Keep in mind that anything you apply to your purse can darken it or otherwise change how it looks. Even with vegan leather, you’ll want to spot-test everything first.
  • After applying the soap, use a second cloth dampened with clean water to rinse off the bag, and a different soft cloth to dry it.
  • If the inside of your bag gets dirty, you can wipe it down with the same method. If there’s a fabric lining, turn it inside out and use a lint roller or your vacuum’s fabric brush to remove debris.

Daily Cleaning

  • For daily cleaning of your bag, simply dust off any dirt and wipe the exterior down with a mild alcohol-free un-scented wet wipe.

Stain Removal

  • Soap usually works well to remove mild stains from your vegan leather bag.
  • For more serious stains, try distilled white vinegar. Put it directly on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, then blot the stain away with a clean cloth. You might need to repeat this step a few times to get results.
  • For water stains on vegan leather, you can also use rubbing alcohol. Just apply a bit of rubbing alcohol to the stain (try using a spray bottle), then use a cloth to remove the stain gently.
  • Keep in mind that vegan leathers are all slightly different, and what works for one vegan leather bag might damage a different one. Spot test every time!


  • Conditioning isn’t as important as it is for animal based leather, but it can still help extend the life of your bag and make cleaning easier. Look for a quality conditioning product made explicitly for vegan leather, and apply it just like you would apply a conditioner for animal based leather.


  • To extend the lifespan and maintain the finish of your vegan leather bag, use the SHIQ dust bag that comes with your bag and store it in a dry and cool place with no direct sunlight.

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